Your donation could make all the difference; you can help a refugee family by donating towards a survival pack.

Stove for
warmth (₤20)
clothes (₤30)
Food pack for
one month (₤45)
Blankets &
mattresses (₤70)

Total Amount to Donate

Total Amount to Donate

Total ₤s

Hundreds of thousands of refugees and children living in camps cannot afford the luxury of fuel to keep themselves warm. Food is scarce and the need for basic items such as blankets, mattresses and clothes has never been greater. For them, the changing weather means more than just digging out last winter’s coat – it’s a threat to survival.

It is in these same camps that we find the innocent smiles of children like Shazia and Nazia, who lost their mother during child birth. Knee deep in mud much of the time and with little protection against the cold, the prospects for these young girls are bleak. Every night they find themselves huddling together to try to escape the freezing cold.

Each day their grandmother is faced with an impossible choice. If she does manage to get some money, she can only afford to buy either food or fuel. She may have to choose whether her own precious grandchildren die from starvation or freeze to death.

Hungry and exhausted, refugees and displaced people like Shazia and Nazia do not deserve to face the freezing winter cold alone.  For those most vulnerable it will be a struggle to pull through. But Islamic Relief is there supporting them, in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

Together we can help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Will you help them survive this winter?

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