Winter Appeal

Donate for our Winter Appeal

£30 can provide children’s boots and clothes keeping them warm all winter

£35 can feed a family for a month

£65 can provide a family with blankets and mats

£85 can provide a family with firewood for cooking and heating

Winter is here. Many of us in the UK prepare for the cold months ahead by digging out our warm clothes, turning the heating up and enjoying cosy nights in with hot, comforting food.

A fight for survival
For millions of vulnerable people across the world, the reality of winter is very different. Without access to basic provisions such as food, blankets, warm clothing and fuel, winter literally becomes a fight for survival.


This is especially true for children, the elderly and sick – who are all particularly vulnerable to the harsh winter elements.

Indeed winter brings along with it many hardships, but for those who are afflicted by natural disasters and conflict, the onset of winter is yet another difficult test to endure, making the struggle to survive even greater.

Relying on strangers for survival

The fallout from natural disasters and conflict has sadly become a daily reality for millions of people.  Families in countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have become displaced from their once safe and secure homes, forcing them to live in makeshift shelters and reliant on aid from strangers.

Every family has its own sad story of survival: from watching their entire town destroyed to facing starvation and death from the lack of food and water.

There is hope

But where there is love and faith, there is hope. Indeed, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” (Bukhari).

So if you love warmth, comfort and security for yourself and for your family, then you will also love the same for your brothers and sisters who have lost everything.

Share you love with those in need this winter.

Donate for our Winter Appeal

Posted in: Current Appeals on Saturday, 24 Dec, 2016