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Estimates from the United Nations put the death toll since 2011 at over 400,000 people. Over 10 million have been driven from their homes and 5 million have fled the country as refugees. In Aleppo 275,000 people are under siege, cut off from outside aid.

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£36 can provide clean and safe drinking water to two families for five months
£120 can provide four families trapped inside Aleppo with hygiene kits

Trapped in Aleppo

The people of Aleppo are trapped without food, water, adequate shelter or medical care. Their city is surrounded and cut off from outside aid.
“This is one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of our time,” says Imran Madden, Islamic Relief’s UK Director. “The reality is that if an immediate truce is not called, we could witness the slow death of hundreds of thousands of women, children and men on our watch.”

Update: September 2016 – Airstrikes and chlorine attacks leave over 300 dead and many more injured

‘Children were convulsing’ say staff on the ground

Children walk the streets, using their hands to mask their mouths.

The bombardment of Aleppo in early September 2016 reduced the area around Sukkari to rubble, and left its residents choking on chlorine.

In the second chlorine attack to hit the city, there were reports of barrel bombs being dropped by helicopters.

Speaking from the Bustan Al-Qasr neighbourhood, nicknamed ‘the Passage of Death’ after being targeted by snipers, Islamic Relief’s media officer, Tahir Al Sabsabi, said:

“Some of these barrels contained a chlorine solution. The smell was very strong and overpowering. The civil defence rescuers suffered a lot and had to be taken to hospital and medical centres because of the chlorine.”

Ceasefire collapse

The greatest loss of life in September occurred after the collapse of a temporary ceasefire negotiated between the United States and Russia, when hundreds of airstrikes killed over 300 people in just three days.

“It’s not even possible for people to mourn their dead properly, as condolence gatherings have been targeted,” said Ahmed Mahmoud, one of Islamic Relief Syria’s key aid workers. “Even Friday prayers were cancelled in Aleppo as people were too scared to gather together, at the time they need it most.”

Responding inside Aleppo

Islamic Relief is on the ground deep inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, and has assisted over 6.5 million Syrians so far. We have helped prepare the country’s biggest city for this moment, stockpiling medical supplies for Aleppo’s hospitals, but its people are now under siege.

We are appealing again to our generous supporters to dig deep for all those affected by this protracted conflict. We are helping to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people inside Aleppo where we have already provided food, water and hygiene kits for thousands of families, as well as supplying essential medical aid to hospitals and clinics.

Ahmed Mahmoud says, “These people left their homes because of bombardments and moved to another location in camps. The camps were hit, so they moved to collective centres in schools. The schools were hit, so more people were injured and taken to hospital. The hospitals were hit, so where else would they go? We are trying our best to maintain our operations in this very difficult situation.” 

With your support, we can help those living in desperate circumstances inside Aleppo and in other parts of Syria ravaged by conflict. The people of Syria need your help. Please donate generously.

Donate towards the Syria Appeal

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