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“These are tough times for women and children and for all civilians inside Syria,” says Ahmed Mahmoud of Islamic Relief Syria. “Some people have been displaced three, four or even five times in five years.

“These people left their homes because of bombardments and moved to another location in camps. The camps were hit, so they moved to collective centres in schools. The schools were hit, so more people were injured and taken to hospital. The hospitals were hit, so where else would they go? We are trying our best to maintain our operations in this very difficult situation, because there is a desperate need that is increasing by the hour.” – Ahmed Mahmoud, Islamic Relief Syria

Donate today:

£30 could feed a whole family for a month, helping them to stay nourished and healthy

£45 can provide three medical packs containing essential medical disposables and drugs

£100 could provide two stretchers on trollies to help our staff and volunteers transport injured civilians to receive medical attention

£100 can help to supply a family with essential items to aid their survival, including food for a month, cooking utensils and a hygiene kit

£150 can provide enough disposable surgical equipment, bandages, plasters and drugs to treat 10 people injured in Aleppo


Since the conflict began Islamic Relief has delivered more than £130 million worth of aid inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, assisting over 6.5 million Syrians.

We are distributing food packs, clothes and medical supplies to communities under siege within Syria and displaced people along the Turkish border. We are also running or supporting camps and providing livelihood programmes, education and psychosocial support for refugees in  Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. In Europe our teams are assisting Syrian refugees in Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Germany.

Islamic Relief is continuing to deliver containers of medical supplies to communities in the Aleppo governate. These supplies are vital, as the numbers of injuries needing treatment have drastically increased as a result of recent bombardments. We are also supporting the last dialysis centre left standing, which is operating at night so that kidney patients can get treatment with less risk of air strikes.

Please donate today to support the people of Syria.

Posted in: Current Appeals on Saturday, 30 Apr, 2016