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Islamic Relief is distributing food and medicines deep inside Syria, and helping hundreds of thousands of refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

The Syrian crisis has become so overwhelming, and funds so overstretched, that aid agencies are having to choose which people get help and which are left to fend for themselves. It’s a problem no refugee should have to face, and a choice no aid worker should have to make. With 9.3 million people affected, we need your support more than ever before to keep hunger and disease at bay and keep hope alive. Please give your support and donate to Syria.

Islamic Relief’s Syria appeal response

Islamic Relief provided assistance to 2.1 million Syrians so far. 1.4 million of those are inside Syria itself, in areas including Aleppo, Idlib and Homs; the remainder are refugees in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. Our 2013 aid programme included:

  • Providing 73 ambulances and mobile health clinics
  • Medical treatment for 46,889 injured and sick patients
  • 664,340 food parcels and vouchers
  • 125,199 blankets and mattresses
  • Shelter (tents, caravans and rent support) for 20,062 people
  • 5,321,423 medical disposables and pieces of equipment

In addition, we also provided baby food and nappies, hygiene kits, clean water, heaters and fuel, cooking sets, clothes…and much more.

As the crisis in Syria deepens, more and more families are fleeing their homes and seeking sanctity in neighbouring countries. Approximately 36% of Syrian refugees are under the age of 12, growing up in makeshift accommodation. Islamic Relief is continuing the emergency relief response amid the insecurity, with support for Syrians inside Syria as well as for those that have fled to neighbouring countries.

Please donate today to support the people of Syria.


Posted in: Current Appeals on Monday, 05 May, 2014