One of our main aims this year is to improve the feedback we provide to our donors and supporters – to show how we make your donations count, saving lives and lifting people out of poverty.

Islamic Relief is inspired by faith. Through Call to the Cause, we hope to demonstrate how we put into action our core values: sincerity (ikhlas), excellence (ihsan), compassion (rahma), social justice (adl) and custodianship (amana).


 button_viewNovember 2016: Teach a man to fish

button_view October 2016: Going further together

button_viewSeptember 2016: How many people have you helped?

button_viewAugust 2016: Your Qurbani Fed Millions Last Year

button_viewJuly 2016: Thank You!

 button_viewMay 2016: SubhanAllah – We’re Winning!

button_viewApril 2016: Call To The Cause – Our new donor newsletter



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