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Current Nisab value (30/01/2015)

Using value of silver – £218
Using value of gold – £2,540

If just the top ten richest people in the world paid zakat – a mere 2.5% of their wealth – it would amount to a staggering £7.7 billion! The power of that money in tackling poverty would be huge.

Zakat is not just a duty on those with wealth, but a right that the poor have over us – we are “those in whose wealth there is a recognised right for the needy and the poor” (Qur’an 70:24-25).

Islamic Relief uses your zakat in the most effective way possible to relieve the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable people. It provides emergency aid to those who have lost everything in disasters, like giving blankets to families fleeing the war in Syria during the freezing winter.

It helps us lift families out of poverty, providing farming tools and grants to families in Pakistan and Bangladesh, so they can start businesses and earn a living. It allows us to give families water for life in arid areas of the world, building each household its own rainwater catchment and storage system to keep water from the wet months for use in the long, dry season.

Tahirun, a widow in Bangladesh who was supported by Islamic Relief to start farming her own field, told us how happy she was that “by Allah’s grace, my life has changed. I don’t ask for charity any more; now people take rice from me.”

Alhamdulillah (all praise to Allah), your zakat has the power to transform people’s lives, turning them from zakat recipients into zakat givers. That’s our ultimate goal.

Give your zakat to Islamic Relief today!

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