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Producing fair trade olive in Palestine – Haj Bashir’s story

Haj Bashir

Haj Bashir has 8 children and is living in the West Bank in Palestine. He produces fair trade olive oil which gets sold all around the world. The fair trade system has transformed his life, and now Haj is able to take care of his 16-member-strong family, without depending on anybody else for support.

Celebrating World Day of Social Justice

A happy looking woman in Sudan (One Safe Village)

“Stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to Allah” (Qur’an 4:135)
‘Adl, or social justice, is one of Islamic Relief’s five core values, and is crucial to reducing poverty and suffering. On 20th February, the World Day of Social Justice 2015, we celebrated the work we do to fight injustice and drive positive change across the globe.


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