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Taking IR South Africa from strength to strength – Bushra Razack

Bushra IRSA 2

Bushra has been part of the humanitarian sector since she was just twelve years old. Now 28, she has years of valuable experience with a range of organisations. Now, while raising her two small children, Bushra works as National Programmes Coordinator for IR South Africa, devoting much time and effort to support those who are in need the most.

Taking Charity Week Canada by Storm – Maria Ahmed

Original CW Team

This International Women's Day we share the story of Maria Ahmed, who recently got married and is raising her 9 month old baby girl, Inaya. Maria was one of the founding members of Charity Week Canada and has helped take the organisation from strength to strength.

Fair trade success for Rupali in Bangladesh

bangladesh cs

37-year-old Rupali produces textile items as part of our Right to Income and Protection project in Bangladesh. Eight years ago she was abandoned by her husband, who left her struggling to raise two children. The fair wages and good working conditions have helped turn her life around.


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