• Syria Appeal

Haroon’s doing it again – #Running4Gaza


Last year, Haroon Mota made the brave decision of running 4 half-marathons to raise money for Syria. This year, he has set himself an even bigger challenge of running 5 half-marathons to raise £5k for Palestine. He blogs here about his motivations and his first run.

Climbing Snowdon – an unexpected adventure!

snowdon bros 2

Starzeus Mcghee blogs about his experience climbing Mount Snowdon for Islamic Relief's Syria appeal with a group of 15 brothers. The trek itself was challenging yet stunning, and they all felt invigorated (yet hungry) afterwards. The real adventure began when their minibus ran out of fuel...

Drought in Ethiopia and Somalia


Somalia and Ethiopia are currently facing harsh droughts and food shortages. The situation is bleak in the region, and children and the elderly are the worst affected.


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